2 Group Meetings

Meditation Group 21 March 2016

Our weekly meetings offer a supportive environment where we can meditate together and learn about Zen meditation and Buddhist practice, and share our experience.

At our weekly meetings, we meditate, say hello to each other, and each week reflect together on various practical aspects of Zen practice and Buddhist teachings. There is usually a short recitation of a well-known Zen writing which encapsulates our practice, and which is dedicated to the benefit of all beings. It is fine for newcomers just to listen.

Our in-person meetings are held at the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster, next to the railway station. First-timers come to meditation instruction online before coming to our in-person meetings. Attenders come from varied back-grounds including, for example, nursing, teaching, community care, building, looking after family, studying, being in business and being retired.

Regularly we have online or in-person visits by male and female monastics from Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey at our Monday meetings or Saturday half-day retreats. Our regular group monk is Rev Wilfrid Powell.