1 Why Meditate?

Group Buddha Statue May 2009People become interested in meditation for a variety of reasons. Some feel the need to find a deeper perspective; others wish to come to terms with stress or may be going through a personal crisis in their lives. Most of us find it is not always easy to motivate ourselves to follow a consistent and stable meditation practice. The group provides a place where we can meditate with others, and draw encouragement and learn from them. We can examine how Buddhist insights help us practically in living from a deeper perspective.

What type of meditation do you practise ?

The Serene Reflection Meditation tradition (Japanese: Soto Zen; Chinese: Ts’ao-Tung Ch’an) emphasises integrating meditation with our ordinary daily life – finding the heart of compassion, love and wisdom in mindful daily living. It is the longest-lived current Zen tradition. Our form of meditation practice, known as Zazen or Serene Reflection Meditation, (Japanese: ‘shikan-taza’), is straightforward and accessible, and is the foundation through which we can experience the deepest Truth directly for ourselves. We learn to sit still with an open and alert mind, accepting thoughts and feelings that arise, without judging them.

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