Zen Meditation

Our meditation practice, called Zazen, centres us and helps us live an authentic, connected, aware life. The Group is part of the Soto Zen tradition, linked with Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey and affiliated to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Online meditation instruction is available for newcomers.

Currently we meet weekly, online, during this Covid-affected period, Mondays 7.30pm – 9.30pm . Most Mondays online introductory meditation instruction is offered by an experienced practitioner at 6.30pm, and is free of charge. For a link please email  taypacc@gmail.com .  You’re warmly invited to come along.

To find out more please ring our contacts, Kate Shirra-Gibb on 01524 39918 or Paul Taylor on 07963 369 076.

‘Serene reflection’ (also known as ‘silent illumination’) is a western translation for the Zen tradition’s meditation practice, also known as Zazen or ‘just sitting’.

We’re keeping under review when face-to-face meetings will resume at the Friends Meeting House, Lancaster.

In March 2020 the Group celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Extracts from the Lancaster Guardian report included: “Formerly known as Lancaster Zen Group, it is one of the first Buddhist groups in the city and follows the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition. Its meditation practice is called Zazen (serene reflection meditation) …. The Group’s long-standing and continuing presence has enabled many local people to learn to practice in this way. Its trust is that those who come, bring the compassionate awareness of meditation and its qualities of generosity of spirit, kindness and intuitive wisdom into their daily lives and to their dealings with those they live and work with and meet, and that its beneficial effects resonate widely and deeply”.

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