Zen Meditation

Our meditation practice, called Zazen, can help us live a more centred, connected and aware life. The Group practises within the Soto Zen tradition, having links to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey and affiliated to Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Online meditation instruction is offered for newcomers.

You are warmly invited to the group. The first time you come, online introductory meditation instruction is offered most Mondays at 6.30pm, taking about 45 minutes – for a link, please email  taypacc@gmail.com. Then you are welcome to our following group meetings.

Currently the group meets weekly on Mondays, 7.30pm – 9pm, with some meetings being in-person and some online.

For more info, please ring our contacts, Kate Shirra-Gibb 01524 39918, or Paul Taylor 07963 369 076.

Serene reflection / silent illumination is a translation for the Zen tradition’s meditation practice also known as Zazen or ‘just sitting’.

To find out more about our practice, including what we do at group meetings, please navigate this website by clicking the relevant tab under ‘Menu’ or by using the tabs at the top of each webpage.

In March 2020 the Group celebrated its 40th Anniversary.